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Fresh chard leaves

Our Mission

Helping everyday people grow healthy food at home

As Australia’s dedicated Aeroponics supplier, we have one goal—To provide sustainable, wholesome, cost-effective products that allow our clients to grow and know what they are eating. The planet’s current rate of growth presents many problems—meeting the needs of the current population for food and other living necessities without depleting those resources for future generations. Additionally, this makes it harder to find organic non-genetically modified produce that isn’t tainted with strong commercial-grade insecticides. We provide a wide range of quality indoor and outdoor growing equipment, complete grow systems, organic insecticides, nutrients plus so much more!


Our Promise

At Dewey Mister Australia Pty. Ltd. we believe customer service is the basis of any great business and vow to always offer gold-standard care with every inquiry and order. Our commitment to client care and high-quality products makes us Australia’s top Horticultural supplier. We even match prices. Check out our price match policy for more details.