Setting Up Your Clone Master

Now you’ll be able to germinate, clone, and grow plants quickly and efficiently using proper aeroponic growing system techniques.

Setting Up Your Clone Master: To get started, follow the instructions below Or view our Instructional Video.

Step 1) Attach the Velcro strip to the Dewey Mister base and the centre of the bottom of your growing container. Firmly press the velcro and allow them to sit without filling for 30 minutes.  

Step 2) Attach the airline to the base of your Dewey Mister.

Step 3) Attach the Dewey Mister to the centre of the container. ( Don’t fill it yet unless you have already waited 30 minutes )

Step 4) Run the airline from your Dewey Mister and attach it to your air pump by feeding the airline into the notch of the lid before sliding the lid shut.

Step 5) Make sure your bucket is free of debris before adding water. Note the Min and Max levels of the mixing chamber. Fill the bucket with water of your choosing between them.

Step 6) Place the soft rubber Dewey Inserts into the holes of your lid. If assembling your own bucket cloner, use net cups and/or neoprenes to fill each hole.

Step 7) Make sure your lid is on and each hole is covered before plugging in your air pump. Let the system run for a few minutes, then check to see that the bottoms of your inserts are gathering moisture. To make adjustments, either add or remove water from your bucket, or simply cover or uncover the water inlet hole with the unit’s base, and you should be good to grow. Happy cloning!

About your new Aeroponics system

The Design (Dewey Mister)

The element of simplicity and details of ergonomics will have you bragging to your friends. We start with an eight litter food-grade bucket and top it with a specially designed 14 site sturdy lid that’s built to last. The lid is fitted to prevent leaks with a built-in channel to allow the air tube to fit nicely with no crimping and no leaking. Each site on the lid is recessed and sized to fit a specially designed 32mm DeweySert. Say goodbye to neoprene inserts and nasty net pots with entangled roots that make transplanting difficult. The MisterSert is made of flexible non-absorptive food-grade material for easy cleaning and reuse. It seems so simple, but the experienced growers will understand that we have solved all the nagging issues with existing products in the marketplace.

The Engine

In case you haven’t already heard, The Dewey Mister is the most innovative product to hit the Aero/Hydro market in ages. This is the simplest and most effective mister on the market!

  • No water pump needed
  • No air stones
  • No more clogging (NO SPRAY NOZZLES)
  • No electrical pumps in water (Shock Hazard)
  • Built-in Water Cooling effect
  • Less water
  • Less nutrient solution
  • More cost-effective
  •  Better air infusion
  •  Faster cloning

Some Growing Tips

Water Quality

With the Dewey Mister system, you’ll see the best results with oxygen-rich water. We suggest you use an air pump to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. This will make it easier for your plants to absorb the nutrients that they need to flourish. If your plants aren’t growing the way that you had hoped, it may be a sign that your water is too acidic. You can use a pH level test to determine the acidity of the water that you are using and act accordingly with ph balancers, depending on the results.  Another consideration is the cleanliness and overall quality of your water. One of the best ways to ensure you are getting consistent results is by using a RO (reverse osmosis) filter. This filter can turn even the worst quality of water into very pure and clean water.

Feeding Your Plants

After your plants are started, you’ll find that a little fertiliser will help the growing process, Simply check out our online growing supply store. Regardless of the fertiliser you choose for your cloned plants, there will be a feeding schedule on the bag to instruct you on just how much fertiliser you will need for optimal growth. A tip for the impatient: Follow the recommended feed schedule on your plant food. If you try to increase the amount of food for your plants, it will not make the plants grow faster. It will kill or stunt the growth of your plants.

pH Levels

When it comes to growing with water, you’ll find that depending on the type of plant you want to grow, it will have a preferred pH. For example, capsicum has a preferred pH range of 6.8-7.5 To find the preferred pH level of for growing your plants, simply hop online. The internet is full of helpful charts and guides from experienced growers around the world. Doing a little research on the specific plant(s) that you’d like to grow will allow you to adjust the pH levels accordingly. If you do need to adjust a pH level, there are a number of products that can help you in our store.


All plants have a temperature range at which they are most comfortable. 18-30 degrees Celsius for the canopy/vegetation zone and 18-22 degrees Celsius in the root zone tends to be a good range for most plants. Temperature is also affected by location, especially if you are growing in an uncontrolled environment. The easiest way to regulate temperature is to grow in a grow tent. If you are unable to use a grow tent, it will be significantly harder to control the temperature of your plant clones.

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