“Humidity Dome’s” Do I need one on an Aeroponics Cloner?

A humidity dome is a valuable tool when it comes to cloning with aeroponics. In aeroponics, plants are grown using a nutrient-rich mist rather than soil, and the humidity dome helps to create the Aeroponics environment for successful cloning. Here are a few reasons why a humidity dome is useful for cloning with aeroponics:

  1. Humidity control: The humidity dome helps to maintain a consistent level of humidity around the plant cuttings, which is essential for proper rooting. If the humidity is too low, the cuttings will dry out and struggle to root, while if it is too high, the cuttings may become prone to fungal infections. The humidity dome helps to create the perfect balance by enclosing the cuttings in a moist environment while also allowing for proper airflow.
  2. Temperature regulation: In addition to controlling humidity, the humidity dome also helps to regulate the temperature around the cuttings. This is especially important in aeroponics systems where the mist can cause the temperature to fluctuate. By enclosing the cuttings in a humidity dome, you can help maintain a consistent temperature which is essential for proper rooting and growth.
  3. Protection from pests and diseases: The humidity dome helps to protect the cuttings from pests and diseases by enclosing them in a sealed environment. This helps to prevent contamination from outside sources and ensures that the cuttings are able to root and grow without interference.
  4. Improved rooting success: The optimal conditions provided by the humidity dome can significantly improve the rooting success of your cuttings. By creating a consistent and controlled environment, you can increase the chances of your cuttings taking root and eventually growing into healthy plants.

In conclusion, Dewey recommends using a humidity dome, it is an essential tool for cloning with aeroponics. Its ability to control humidity, regulate temperature, protect against pests and diseases, and improve rooting success make it a valuable asset for any aeroponics system.

And that’s why the Clone Master comes standard with a humidity Dome!

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