Dewey Mister Aeroponics-Hydroponics Cloner-Grow Engine

$34.45 Inc Gst

You can use it in just about any growing container!

Just add an air pump! (not Included)

The Dewey Mister continuously mixes and sprays the cool nutrient water.

The mister almost never clogs and is therefore great for any nutrient solution, including organic blends.

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Introducing the Dewey Mister Engine: 100% Air-Powered Aeroponics System

Discover the revolutionary Dewey Mister Aeroponics Engine, a game-changer in plant cultivation. With our patented technology, this air-powered mister offers unmatched benefits that set it apart from other aeroponics systems.

Supercharge Your Plant Growth
Experience growth rates up to 10 times faster than traditional soil-based methods. The Dewey Mister Engine excels in various applications including seed germination, cloning, and growing, delivering outstanding results every time.

Efficiency at Its Best
Our innovative aeroponics system operates with remarkable efficiency, thanks to its clog-resistant design and absence of electrical pumps in the water. By maximizing air infusion, this system guarantees faster cloning and optimal nutrient delivery, making it perfect for organic blends. Enjoy a hassle-free setup without the need for water pumps or air stones.

Sustainable Water Usage
Say goodbye to excessive water consumption and skyrocketing costs. The Dewey Mister Engine is completely air-driven, drastically reducing water usage compared to hydroponic systems. Additionally, it requires less nutrient solution, saving you even more on irrigation expenses.

Reliable and Simple
Experience consistent and reliable irrigation without unnecessary complexity. Aeroponics systems offer predictability and speed in plant growth, eliminating issues like algae, bacteria, and imbalanced nutrient levels that hinder your plants’ health. Our straightforward system ensures easy maintenance and includes a built-in water-cooling effect.

Unmatched Features:
– No water pump or air stones are needed
– Completely air-driven for efficient performance
– Built-in water cooling effect
– Cost-effective alternative
– Optimal air infusion for exceptional results
– Accelerated cloning for efficient outcomes
– No clogging issues (no spray nozzles)
– No electrical pumps in water, eliminating shock hazards
– Reduced nutrient solution requirement
– Significantly lower water usage compared to hydroponic systems

Included in the Package:
– 1 x Dewey Mister Engine
– 1 x 1.5m of 4mm ID tubing
– 1 x Tophat Grommet (To suit tubing)
– 1 x Velcro fastener
– 1 x Antiseptic wipe

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of the Dewey Mister Aeroponics Engine, providing you with an innovative solution for plant irrigation like never before. Upgrade your cultivation game today!


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