Squid Power / 1L

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Squid Power

Totally organic Squid Power™ is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer used to supplement hydroponic crops as well as a variety of soil-grown vegetables, fruits and flowering trees. Squid Power improves the size and aroma of fruits and flowers. Squid Power is made from the bi-product of locally-sourced southern Squid using a unique critical extraction process rather than enzymatic cold digestion or heat treatment. This process makes it highly soluble and the most user-friendly, economical ocean derived nutrient source available. Squid Power is a fully soluble extract rather than a thick emulsion. Squid Power can be used successfully as a foliar spray, nutrient additive, organic soil enricher and microbe stimulator.


  • High Phosphorus percentage
  • High levels of available phosphorus reduce the internodal length and increase bud & fruit production
  • Highly selective hook lines that primarily target adult specimens
  • Suitable for use in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems
  • Safe For All Media
  • Fully Compatible / Use as a supplement to any plant fertilizer program
  • No negative impact to the ocean floor or coral reefs


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