Rock- Supercharge Root Tonic / 1L

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Rock Supercharge Root Tonic 1L

Rock supercharge is formulated to stimulate root growth by establishing a strong foundation for any plant to thrive throughout the entire growing cycle. Using Rock Supercharge continuously ensures your plant’s root system will develop to its maximum potential, enabling the plant to take up more nutrients for extra growth.

Rock Supercharge stimulates root growth by subtly convincing the plant that the roots are being attacked. The plant, in turn, responds with extra root production and increases its own immune system to guard against the perceived attack. Supercharge is completely compatible with all systems, media, and nutrients. It is so effective that there is no need to use peroxide or chlorine type products as doing so would end up being duplicative and a waste of money. Use Rock Supercharge as part of your regular feeding regime to prevent plant sickness and root disease.


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