Rock- Fusion Grow / 1L

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Rock Fusion Grow 1L

Rock Fusion Grow 6-2-6
Fusion Grow is a formulation of N, P and K with a 1:1 ratio of nitrogen to potash, precisely what is needed to stimulate growth and development before blooming.

Fusion Grow is the most concentrated single part nutrient Rock has produced, rivalling even the most potent two-part nutrients on the market. Rock Fusion Nutrients are made with a unique ‘Nutrient Density’ technology, which means that the amount of effective nutrients available to the plant is much higher than in other products. Fusion Grow has all the components for massive yields packed tightly into each bottle.

Rock Fusion nutrients are highly concentrated. Only 4 to 8 milliliters per gallon of working solution is required, compared to 10ml with other common nutrients. *Always check the EC levels and flush when required.


  • High 1:1 ratio of nitrogen to potash.
  • Stimulate growth and development before blooming.
  • Most concentrated single part nutrient available.
  • Uniquely designed technology with a high ‘Nutrient Density.’
  • It was formulated for the vegetative stage of flowering plants or Leafy greens like lettuce and spinach.
  • Save time & Money.

Fusion Grow and Fusion Bloom can be used as a single part nutrient formulation to feed your plants with more nitrogen in growth and more potash in Bloom to maximize flowering in the later stages.

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