Nulife Quick Start- Clone Accelerator / 4L

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QuickStart is a unique blend of plant nutrients, natural vitamins and hormones that Nulife Technologies has created to have a synergistic effect on your cuttings. QuickStart will increase your strike rate and subsequent growth of clones.

The special formula that forms QuickStart enables the cutting to perform like a complete plant, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS NO ROOTS!!!

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Nulife QuickStart- Clone Accelerator


Do you want larger roots, faster strike rates and more vigorous clones?

The QuickStart Clone Accelerator is the answer!


Adapted from the commercial plant propagation practices, QuickStart has a sound scientific basis. As well as a comprehensive range of plant nutrients balanced and adjusted for the use of
the clone when applied through the leaves.


QuickStart has two special features found in no other product of its type.

The first is a slow-release form of phosphorous and the second is a specialized carrier that carries the nutrients through the leaf surfaces and into the leaf cells. Because of this
absorption into the leaf is rapid and complete


The primary benefit of this is that there is virtually no interruption to your plants natural growth processes thus producing a stronger, hardier and better quality plant.

  • Dramatically improves the strike rate of cuttings
  • Speeds up the growth rate of your cuttings
  • Strengthens cuttings for a smoother transplanting


A Few Tips for Quick Start Clone Accelerator Use:
  • QuickStart is for foliar use and may also be used as a clone feed in the root zone at 20ml per litre of water.
  • Keep QuickStart in a cool dark place
  • Use QuickStart Clone Accelerator in addition to normal root hormones
  • QuickStart Clone Accelerator can be used as a tonic for plants of any size to improve vigor if the root system has been damaged
  • Discard any QuickStart which has been exposed to light or in a clear spray bottle for more than 2 days
  • Instructions are for softwood cuttings expected to strike within 5 to 14 days. For Semi Hardwood cuttings reduce frequency of spraying to once a week.


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