MisterSerts 14pcs Kit for CloneMaster – 32mm 1 3/8″

$19.90 Inc Gst

Specially designed to suit the 14 pcs cloner master and Dewey Mister growing system.

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MisterSerts 14pcs Kit – 32mm 1 3/8″

Constructed from durable food-grade material and dishwasher safe. These 1 3/8″ MisterSerts for the Dewey Mister clone master bucket make easy work of cloning and seed germination. They were designed to reduce the use of messy net pots or troublesome neoprene. Perfect for indoors, simple, clean and efficient.


  • Can be used for seed germination
  • Reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Makes transplanting easier
  • Eco- friendly materials

14 MisterSerts  x 32mm/ 1 3/8


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