The Dewey Mister Engine 100% Air Powered

$23.90 inc GST

The Dewey Mister continuously mixes and sprays the cool nutrient water. The mister almost never clogs and is therefore great for any nutrient solution, including organic blends.


The Dewey Mister Aeroponics Engine
The patented Dewey Mister Aeroponics Engine is an effective and efficient air-powered mister for your plants. This cost-effective alternative comes with a unique range of benefits that no other aeroponics system compares to.

The way the Dewey Mister Aeroponics Engine works is simple. After you submerge it in water, the air pressure sucks
in, and water from the reservoir builds up pressure as it mixes. After the excess pressure is reached, the water
mixture emerges from the top of the mixer to create an irrigation mist for your plants. During operation, it
continuously mixes and sprays the nutrient water with maximum effectiveness.

Efficient Irrigation
With minimal clogging and a safer design due to no electrical pumps present in the water, this aeroponics mister is
remarkably efficient, offering faster cloning and optimal air infusion. Due to such efficiency, it is particularly ideal for
any nutrient solution, including organic blends. Meanwhile, this eliminates the requirement of a water pump and air
stones for a hassle-free set-up.

Save Water & Costs
This system is completely air driven, using significantly less water than Hypronic systems, so you can save yourself
the hassle and extreme expenses of water use. Furthermore, it requires less nutrient solution to perform well, which
is another potentially high cost when irrigating plants.

Reliable Alternative
When you need consistent and reliable irrigation that isn’t over-complicated, aeroponics systems won’t disappoint.
These are much faster and more predictable methods of growing your plants when compared to traditional methods.
The ability to add your preferred water/nutrient solution, their easy maintenance, and the cooling effect prevents
common problems many people encounter during irrigation. Avoid algae, bacteria, and imbalanced nutrient levels
that harmfully impact your plants’ growth with this straightforward system instead.

“The simplicity and effectiveness of our Dewey Mister Aeroponics Engine provide you with a new, innovative solution
for irrigating your plants unlike you’ve ever experienced before.”



1 X Dewey Mister Engine
1.5m of 4mm ID tubing
1 x Velcro fastener
1 X Antiseptic wipe


● No water pump or air stones required

● Completely air driven

● Built-in water cooling effect

● Cost-effective alternative

● Optimal air infusion

● Faster cloning for efficient results

● No more clogging (no spray nozzles)

● No electrical pumps in water (no shock hazard)

● Less nutrient solution

● Uses significantly less water than Hydroponic systems



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