Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 1000 W HPS Kit

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We understand growers who go the extra mile for top quality — but this grow light delivers industry-leading yields too. Fully adjustable to continually give your plants the optimal lighting environment, the true efficiency and potential of 1000W DE-HPS lamps has finally been realized for commercial, boutique and home growers alike.

No need for high ceilings! This close proximity fixture can be safely positioned at just 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) from the canopy without causing heat stress or compromising its huge footprint.

The HELLION 1000W CLOSE PROXIMITY DE-HPS Lighting Kit contains:

  • Adjust-A-Wings Large Defender Double-Parabolic Reflector
  • HELLION DE-HPS Lamp Adaptor (Adjustable)
  • HELLION Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic Ballast (0-11.5V controller ports) (600W/ 750W / 830W / 1000W / 1100W)
  • HELLION 1000W DE-HPS Lamp
  • HELLION 1000W Reflector Connector (for large wings)
  • Super Spreader
  • 2.5m Input Power Cord
  • 3.5m Extension Cord—for remote placement of e-ballast or extension of input power cord length when run with e-ballast on-board
  • Large Wing Adaptor Kit
  • Assembly Instructions
Weight 9.68 kg
Dimensions 0.785 × 0.585 × 0.095 cm
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