Adjust-A-Wings 315 W e-Ballast

$351.10 Inc Gst

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Adjust-A-Wings specialist Ultra High Frequency (150KHz) 315W e-ballast was designed specifically for remote use (out of room mounting) and long lamp holder cords (up to 5m long). It fires both the 3K and 4K 315W lamps remotely & effortlessly due to the use of high frequency Hertz output (instead of low frequency square waves that all other manufacturers use). The Adjust-A-Wings e-Ballast operates all 315W lamp types but is frequency tuned to best operate most effectively with Adjust-A-Wings 3200K & 4200K 315W lamps.

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 0.305 × 0.165 × 0.08 cm
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