Complete Guide to Setting up NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System


Follow these step-by-step guides to create your own NFT setup:



Welcome to the Complete Guide to Setting up a NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System! If you’re eager to explore the world of hydroponics and create a highly efficient and space-saving gardening system, then NFT is the perfect choice. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of building your very own NFT setup, from selecting the right supplies to maintaining optimal nutrient levels for your plants. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of NFT gardening and unlock the potential for bountiful, year-round harvests. Let’s get started on your hydroponic journey!

Supplies Needed:

1. NFT channels or gutters

2. Growing containers or net pots (not required if you are using Dewey Mister 2”50mm Clone collars)

3. Submersible water pump: Choose a pump from our selection, Click Here.

4. Reservoir tank

5. Tubing and connectors

6. Dewey Mister Clone collars 2”/50mm: To learn more about the world’s best clone collars Click Here.

7. pH and EC meters. Select from our range of meters Click Here.

8. Nutrient solution: To see a large range of nutrients Click Here.

9. Timer

10. pH adjusters (pH up and pH down): Available Here.

11. Grow lights (if growing indoors): Check out our Led Grow lighting range Click Here.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Choose a suitable location: Find a flat, stable surface with sufficient access to natural light or artificial grow lights if growing indoors.

2. Install the NFT channels: Attach the NFT channels or gutters at a slight angle, allowing the nutrient solution to flow through them. 

Some NFT channel suppliers may require you to drill holes for the collars. We recommend using a drill with a 46-48 mm hole saw. Remember to leave space on each side of the grow site for your plants to grow; allowing adequate airflow is also important.

3. Set up the reservoir: Place the reservoir tank beneath the NFT channels and connect it to the water pump with tubing.

6. Install the water pump: Submerge the water pump in the reservoir, and attach tubing from the pump to the NFT channels, allowing the nutrient solution to circulate.

7. Mix the nutrient solution: Follow the instructions on the nutrient solution package to prepare a balanced mixture according to your chosen plants’ needs.

Need nutrients, click here.

8. Test and adjust pH and EC: Use pH and EC meters to check the pH and nutrient levels of the solution. Adjust as necessary to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth.

To learn more about pH, Click Here.

To learn more about EC, Click Here.

Need a Ph or EC meter, click here.

5. Insert your clone collars and plants 

9. Start the system: Turn on the water pump and allow the nutrient solution to flow through the NFT channels, creating a thin film over the roots of the plants.

10. Set up a timer: Set a timer to control the water pump’s on and off cycles, providing a regular flow of nutrients to the plants.

11. Monitor and maintain: Regularly monitor the system, checking nutrient levels, pH, and the condition of the plants. Make adjustments as needed to ensure the best growing environment.

Now its Time to Grow

With these instructions and supplies, you’ll be well on your way to successfully setting up your DIY NFT system, providing a constant flow of nutrients and water to your plants, resulting in healthy and thriving crops.

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